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Antique glassware appraisal

Antique glass appraisals require more than just being able to identify the kind of glassware and its age and origin.

How to identify antique glassware?

Antique has for a long time been known to be anything that was made a hundred or more years ago, others below this time period is described as vintage.

Antique glass rose bowls

People who love decorating their houses with the use of fresh flowers will certainly love using antique glass rose bowls to add a vintage touch to their decorating ideas.

Latest added websites

Wesley Lirette
Wesley Lirette
A Canadian antique glass insulators collector that also have some porcelain, rubber and plastic insulators.
The Insulators of Andrew Gibson
The Insulators of Andrew Gibson
US antique glass insulators collector site that have presentation of hi entire collection. Each insulator is pictured, along with typical catalog information such as when and where it was acquired, color, condition, description and more.
3 G's Milk Bottles of the World
3 G's Milk Bottles of the World
Site of a US antique glass collectors based in New York that features articles about old glass collecting. The site is divided into different bottle categories such as 1/2 pints, pints, quarts, 1/2 gallons, gallons, embossed bottles, and non US bottles.

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